Getting to the top entails so much, it begins with a dream because whatever is not your vision can never be your portion in life. If your heart do not conceive it you can never achieve it in life. One has to understand that whatever you do not see coming will never come. Martin Luther King Jr. said ” A man is not fit to live if he has no purpose for living, or if he has nothing for which he can die for”

Living with a sense of purpose is very important because your aim in life determines your end in life. When you have a purpose in life you calculate your steps and weigh your options in all you do. It is like saying the depth of a man’s thought determines the depth of his life.

Are you a man known for your beliefs? Do you get to stand and not be shakened by what you hear and see? If you are a man that is always shifting direction then you may not be able to get far in life. If you do not pursue a straight course in life, you will certainly come to a point where your destiny cannot be straight. Stand by whatever you say, when you know it is right, you must be a Mordecai who refuses to bow to Haman. Your Yes should be your Yes and your No should be No.

One simple thing that kills us often times, that makes us take our eyes off our focus is JEALOUSY. Jealousy is a product of a life without vision. The truth about life is that when you celebrate with people you attract celebration and success to your life because it gears you to dream and make a positive move. Show me one person who is always bitter and resentful about the success of the people around him and I will show you a man that has never been successful or better put celebrated. Jealousy would not make you grow it rather increase the bitterness in you thereby reducing the tendency of growth. Learn to be happy with people bearing in mind that there is time for everyone and that our destinies are not the same. We may not grow together at the same time but we will if we keep struggling to grow.

Be the best you can be

Do not stop striving

Success comes to those who never stop fighting.


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