He kept complaining of how all his friends had gained admission and how he was the only one left at home. As the day passed he turned into a monster because he felt he was a failure not to have gained admission like his friends.

Do you remember that saying that God’s ways are not our ways and all that, he eventually got admission to study his dream course. Often times in life, when things do not happen when we want and how we want, especially when our peers are ahead of us we reckon God as been wicked and all that we forget that God who made us knows what is best for us and when it is best to for happiness to come don’t get me wrong, I do not mean God would not want happiness for us we only have to realize that some challenges we face are to make us better persons.

The point is this,we need to realize that for the fact that we were not born on the same day and that our destiny and purpose in life is not the same. we need to know that every man has his season. Even siblings of the same parents have different purpose in life.

The worst mistake one could make in life is comparing one self with another, we can not all travel at the same direction at the same speed and time, we can only move based on our strength and not the strength of others because if you do you will end up doing it the wrong way.

Stop weighing your strength on the basis of others. You are who you are and unless you learn to stop comparing your self with others you will end up using the strength for the journey on evaluating yourself with the people around you. Always remember you are not the same with the others, so make sure not to work at their pace but your pace.


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