It was just yesterday that 2017 started and we are already in September. Happy new month to you.
A lot of times we try to avoid things that are bad, we only want and pray for good times forgetting that our success in life is conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take. We are always comfortable with going with the train, not wanting stress and the pain of working other than our usual self.
  A large percentage of what kills us and reduces our morale towards success is fear and for me where there is fear there is no good end. We always pray not to enter into dangers and difficulties forgetting that all which is no be can be achieved only through difficulties, trials, tears and dangers.
The big fish is never caught in shallow waters. You have to go into the open sea for it. There is no paean without pain therefore we must be ready to take risk since that is the key  to achieving much. It is courage for going in spite of apprehensions that makes the world praise so many great men today.
Tai Solarin said “if, therefore you are out in this ……. To win any target you have set for yourself, please accept my prayers and your elixir. May your road be rough !
  Success delayed is never success destroyed, if only we keep trying we would get there. It September and before you know the year will run out. If you have set a goal for yourself then all you need do is to keep trying.
May your road be rough is not a prayer of failure but a reminder that since nothing good comes easy we must be ready to be risk bearers. Just keep fighting, don’t stop.
  You will get there.


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