So have been wondering and I can’t seem to get answers. Why would you date a person for three years and turn down a proposal. Some one help me out here


2 thoughts on “Dating/Marriage”

  1. You could even date for 10 years and still turn down a proposal. Have you heard men say” she’s a girlfriend material but not a wife material “? It applies to men too. We go into relationships for different reasons or even remain for such reasons. I could be dating you for sae of companionship, it could be good sex that has kept me or even the Man’s ostentatious lifestyle. Marriage is another ball game altogether. You start thinking, he doesn’t have money, will good sex keep me going? This man spends a lot, will he be able to manage responsibilities? He keeps getting angryand giving me attitude. If I can understand, will I want my to be groomed in that environment…. Etc

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