Lately my motivational level for writing has been zero. Laziness plus work took a better part of me but trust me am not a lazy Nigeria youth. So its October 1st and I said to myself do something no matter how little and i overcame the spirit of laziness, anyways happy new month and a happy Independence day to our Nation Nigeria. I would have wanted to say to her great Nation but am forced to skip the word great and just wish her a happy celebration day.

Regardless of how gloomy things might be I am Nigerian and can’t deny that I am, but am I so sure I am part of those who still believes in our country? At this point I will keep my answer to myself but it would also be nice if you take out time and ask yourself that same question. Will Nigeria ever get better? How long because it seem like the labours of our heroes past seem to be in vain. How long are we going to keep hope alive before things get better. “E go better” is all have heard since I was a child and things seem not to be better rather as an adult it seem difficult believing those words.

Nigeria can be better if YOU and I work regardless of our religious and ethnic background. Peace can return back to Nigeria if we learn to love one another. Nelson Mandela said “It seem impossible until it is done” I still believe in a country where Food and shelter can no longer be luxury, I believe the street could be safe, I believe our hopes and dreams can become reality, I believe if we stop hating there will be peace and harmony. For you out there what’s your belief?

Happy Independence Nigeria


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