Lately my motivational level for writing has been zero. Laziness plus work took a better part of me but trust me am not a lazy Nigeria youth. So its October 1st and I said to myself do something no matter how little and i overcame the spirit of laziness, anyways happy new month and a happy Independence day to our Nation Nigeria. I would have wanted to say to her great Nation but am forced to skip the word great and just wish her a happy celebration day.

Regardless of how gloomy things might be I am Nigerian and can’t deny that I am, but am I so sure I am part of those who still believes in our country? At this point I will keep my answer to myself but it would also be nice if you take out time and ask yourself that same question. Will Nigeria ever get better? How long because it seem like the labours of our heroes past seem to be in vain. How long are we going to keep hope alive before things get better. “E go better” is all have heard since I was a child and things seem not to be better rather as an adult it seem difficult believing those words.

Nigeria can be better if YOU and I work regardless of our religious and ethnic background. Peace can return back to Nigeria if we learn to love one another. Nelson Mandela said “It seem impossible until it is done” I still believe in a country where Food and shelter can no longer be luxury, I believe the street could be safe, I believe our hopes and dreams can become reality, I believe if we stop hating there will be peace and harmony. For you out there what’s your belief?

Happy Independence Nigeria


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It happened that I could not get a title for this. I got thinking and I decided to share.

If it HURTS it is LOVE and if it does not hurt it is not love.

How true is this. Must there be pain to be sure it is love?  Can there be love without pain?

If after thinking u arrive at your answer please share with us by leaving your comment. Dont forget to leave your comment. #love#pain#hurt


It was just yesterday that 2017 started and we are already in September. Happy new month to you.
A lot of times we try to avoid things that are bad, we only want and pray for good times forgetting that our success in life is conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take. We are always comfortable with going with the train, not wanting stress and the pain of working other than our usual self.
  A large percentage of what kills us and reduces our morale towards success is fear and for me where there is fear there is no good end. We always pray not to enter into dangers and difficulties forgetting that all which is no be can be achieved only through difficulties, trials, tears and dangers.
The big fish is never caught in shallow waters. You have to go into the open sea for it. There is no paean without pain therefore we must be ready to take risk since that is the key  to achieving much. It is courage for going in spite of apprehensions that makes the world praise so many great men today.
Tai Solarin said “if, therefore you are out in this ……. To win any target you have set for yourself, please accept my prayers and your elixir. May your road be rough !
  Success delayed is never success destroyed, if only we keep trying we would get there. It September and before you know the year will run out. If you have set a goal for yourself then all you need do is to keep trying.
May your road be rough is not a prayer of failure but a reminder that since nothing good comes easy we must be ready to be risk bearers. Just keep fighting, don’t stop.
  You will get there.


He kept complaining of how all his friends had gained admission and how he was the only one left at home. As the day passed he turned into a monster because he felt he was a failure not to have gained admission like his friends.

Do you remember that saying that God’s ways are not our ways and all that, he eventually got admission to study his dream course. Often times in life, when things do not happen when we want and how we want, especially when our peers are ahead of us we reckon God as been wicked and all that we forget that God who made us knows what is best for us and when it is best to for happiness to come don’t get me wrong, I do not mean God would not want happiness for us we only have to realize that some challenges we face are to make us better persons.

The point is this,we need to realize that for the fact that we were not born on the same day and that our destiny and purpose in life is not the same. we need to know that every man has his season. Even siblings of the same parents have different purpose in life.

The worst mistake one could make in life is comparing one self with another, we can not all travel at the same direction at the same speed and time, we can only move based on our strength and not the strength of others because if you do you will end up doing it the wrong way.

Stop weighing your strength on the basis of others. You are who you are and unless you learn to stop comparing your self with others you will end up using the strength for the journey on evaluating yourself with the people around you. Always remember you are not the same with the others, so make sure not to work at their pace but your pace.


Getting to the top entails so much, it begins with a dream because whatever is not your vision can never be your portion in life. If your heart do not conceive it you can never achieve it in life. One has to understand that whatever you do not see coming will never come. Martin Luther King Jr. said ” A man is not fit to live if he has no purpose for living, or if he has nothing for which he can die for”

Living with a sense of purpose is very important because your aim in life determines your end in life. When you have a purpose in life you calculate your steps and weigh your options in all you do. It is like saying the depth of a man’s thought determines the depth of his life.

Are you a man known for your beliefs? Do you get to stand and not be shakened by what you hear and see? If you are a man that is always shifting direction then you may not be able to get far in life. If you do not pursue a straight course in life, you will certainly come to a point where your destiny cannot be straight. Stand by whatever you say, when you know it is right, you must be a Mordecai who refuses to bow to Haman. Your Yes should be your Yes and your No should be No.

One simple thing that kills us often times, that makes us take our eyes off our focus is JEALOUSY. Jealousy is a product of a life without vision. The truth about life is that when you celebrate with people you attract celebration and success to your life because it gears you to dream and make a positive move. Show me one person who is always bitter and resentful about the success of the people around him and I will show you a man that has never been successful or better put celebrated. Jealousy would not make you grow it rather increase the bitterness in you thereby reducing the tendency of growth. Learn to be happy with people bearing in mind that there is time for everyone and that our destinies are not the same. We may not grow together at the same time but we will if we keep struggling to grow.

Be the best you can be

Do not stop striving

Success comes to those who never stop fighting.


 The capacity to become what you desire was deposit we in every man before he came to this world. The domineering nature is in all human  and that includes you and i and not a particular group of people.

The road to success is like climbing the stair case and we know how difficult it can be. Becoming great in life requires nothing but discipline, dedication and determination, i call them the 3D’s to success. Every man is born with a gift and unless you strive the gifts can not be manifested. I do not believe that any man is a failure it is only how you see yourself which drives me to the point that Discovering yourself and having the knowledge of the capacity of what you carry and the fact of believing in one self is a strong vessel that can move the power in every man.
Success does not stop at believing in yourself but putting to action the potentials in you. The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Some one said “Fan to flame the gifts deposited in you” The great men we know today were born great ,every man is born great but striving hard to greatness is important  that is saying you do not have to be great to get started all you need is to get started to be great. Success does not come to those who sit in a place, it does not come to those who just plan, it comes only to those who plan and work in line with their plans.
The society needs you and i to survive. Quit talking and get started. We can be great if we work towards it.
If you can dream it you can be it.